So who’s behind

Write Now PR?

That’s me, Emma Edwards, a former journalist and communications specialist; pen-wielding wordsmith for passionate people and impact-driven organisations.

If your organisation has a story to tell – lived experience that deserves a voice – then you’re in the right place. Creative concepts and deft wordsmithing for organisations with purpose and clear human impact are my sweet spot.

How did I get here?

In the dim and distant past, as a fresh-faced newspaper reporter, I was gifted a front row seat for the most incredible demonstrations of ingenuity, determination and conviction. Humanity at its best and, sadly, its worst.

And I was hooked.

I realised that, for businesses and not-for-profits alike, you need to show – not just tell. Because you win hearts and minds (and hence clients or supporters) by bringing your mission, passion and values to life with captivating copy.

I made the move into the black art of PR, but soon found my home within the not-for-profit sector. Privileged to take that front seat once again, to grow in knowledge and understanding, to absorb, articulate and agitate.

These days, working with a wide range of individuals and organisations – from coaches to marketing specialists, innovators and charities – I’m still all about using my words to make great things happen.

I tap into that glorious intersection between what you love (and are great at) and what the world needs – then tell your unique story in a way that makes people want to act.

As jobs go, it’s pretty great.

Brands I’ve worked with…