Words of beauty

used with purpose.

Great copy connects with your prospects, conveys your impact, and compels your audience to act. It's a potent combination of effectiveness and eloquence.

When you’re doing incredible things, you need thoughtful copy. Because words matter. Words like socially responsible, values-driven, ‘for purpose’.

Finding the words that tell your story powerfully and effectively, and that compel people to act, is critical to reflecting the type of organisation you are and the impact you have.

Because while beautiful words are important, those words actually have to work hard for you. The right copy builds connections, inspires loyalty, drives action and draws in revenue. The right copy – the copy we craft together – will bring your brand to life.

Working with Emma from Write Now was an absolute pleasure. I simply provide an idea I would like to work with and Emma writes the words I can’t! Emma made everything so easy for me and her copy is brilliant!

Kosoula Chase, FounderComplete Approvals

You need words with purpose.

To communicate in a way that engages and motivates, I need to understand your brand and the people you work with, or indeed for.

Which is why, before I set pen to paper (or perhaps cursor to ubiquitous word processing package), I dig deep into who you are and what you stand for, your place in the market and your unique selling points.

I’ll get to grips with what matters to your clients or supporters – their touch-points and your proof-points – find a voice and a message that resonates, then it’s on to the business of those beautiful words.

If your organisation or business is impact-led, your words must be too. Luckily, your purpose is my passion.

You need copy that converts.

If you need beautiful words that pack a punch – words that do more than decorate a page – then you’re in the right place. Find out how I can support your marketing strategy and build a broader, deeper connection with your audience.