Good copy is an art form. There, I said it. I’m an artiste.

Most people feel reasonably confident that they can string a coherent sentence together, but ask them to commit it to paper (or screen) and the fear sets in. Here’s the thing, the fear is good. Not because you’re incompetent or illiterate or your product/service is rubbish, but because – chances are – the wordy bit isn’t your strongest suit.

And that is the cue for your friendly copywriter to pull their underpants on over their trousers and get to work. With the help of a copywriting superhero you can bring your brand, your vision, your point of difference to life through beautiful, engaging prose.


So basically I’m Wordwoman – vocabulary is my super power. Stick with me, I’ll admit that one needs a bit of work.

You also probably know that SEO relies in no small part on quality content. Gone are the days when keyword saturation was King and backlink-o-rama was the only game in town. Now you need a healthy mix of backlinks, onsite optimisation and – crucially – the sort of copy that grabs and holds the reader and brings them back for more.

If your copy provokes visitors to click on the call-to-action dangled under their nose, then the Google Gods will reward you.

Content marketing and digital advertising however, while undoubtedly where it’s at, are all but pointless without copy that converts. Creating engaging content has to be about more than a churn of flashing newness, and an ad won’t take your customer anywhere if your web copy brings their journey to an eye-bleeding halt. They need real writers coming up with the goods.

You need a Writer Now

So perhaps Wordwoman’s superpowers are, in fact, a little more strategic than an extensive vocabulary. You see, the right words require the right research, they also need a sort of empathetic engagement that comes as much from the gut as from the brain, and they have to be tailored to the right audience.

The Write words, you see, need the Write person. Write Now.

It’s easy to knock up a block of text. You know what you want to tell the customer/client and there’s always spellcheck, right? Wrong.

Of course copywriting isn’t a super-power, but great copy CAN do super things for your business. In an online world riddled with amateur-hour and sometimes skin-crawlingly bad copy, good words stand out. The right words support your brand, the wrong ones undermine it.

So, if you’re ready to rescue your copy from a fate worse than kryptonite, send up a flare – email


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